Hello Im sorry if this comes off as rude but i was wondering in your Racial Microaggressions series the girl who is holding the sign that says Why is your daughter so white? What race is she? And again I am so sorry if this comes off as rude or mean I dont mean for it to.

Yeah, I think people can be confused from that post - it is meant to address the invalidation of racial identity of people of color who are read as white [in the US]. My friend’s mother is Mexican. It is the same for my friend who is holding the “No, you’re white” poster.

Here are the rest of the photos from my piece Racial Microaggressionsfeaturing students from Fordham University.

Here are 10 photos (out of 22) from my series Racial Microaggressions. I have asked my friends on the Fordham University Lincoln Center campus to write down an instance of racial microaggression they have faced on a poster for me to take a picture of them.